North Carolina Workers’ Compensation for Head Injuries

Whether your brain injury is mild or catastrophic, the impact on your health and financial well-being could be significant.

Head injuries are referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or closed head injury (CHI). They can significantly impact your ability to perform your daily activities, including the ability to work. Concussions and post-concussive syndrome also affect your capacity to work. 

Head injuries can occur in almost any workplace. Accidents or falls that occur in the workplace can often result in some form of head injury and can cause a concussion or post-concussive syndrome.

Common causes of head injuries include:

  • Falling from ladders, elevated locations or on stairs 
  • Being struck by objects falling from above 
  • Car accidents
  • Equipment with moving parts 

Professions which are a high risk for head injury are:

  • Delivery personnel, who are regularly moving boxes above their heads 
  • Carpenters and other workers on a construction site, who work with large equipment and frequently at height
  • Loading dock workers, who are in the vicinity of multiple moving pieces of heavy equipment
  • Firefighters, who deal with falling debris


What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Head Injury at Work

If you are suffering from a head injury, you must receive medical attention right away. Whether you have yet to notice any symptoms or you are already experiencing chronic headaches, changes in your personality or memory loss, visiting a doctor can help you prevent any further complications.

You should seek counsel from a North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer who will help you hold negligent parties accountable for the financial and physical suffering you have endured. Your workers’ compensation injury lawyer will limit your stress by fighting on your behalf to secure the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for medical treatment and lost wages. 

More steps to take after suffering a workplace injury