Loss of Limb Lawyers in North Carolina

Workplace injuries can result in the loss of a limb, fingers, hands, and arms. These injuries most commonly occur when working with saws and machinery or as a result of misdiagnosed infections. The loss of a limb is a tragic event and can dramatically impact the lives of those involved. If you have lost a leg, arm, or other body part while performing your work duties, you are entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and loss of income.

Loss of limb incidents can occur in many industries, most commonly:

  • Factory workers
  • Emergency responders 
  • Forklift operators
  • Farming 


What to Do If You’ve Lost a Limb at Work

If you or a loved one is suffering from a loss of limb, contact a lawyer to discuss your rights and remedies. An attorney experienced in this type of workers’ compensation claim can be your guide — helping to limit your stress and ensuring that you receive all the medical treatment and compensation you need to recover from your injury. 

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Advantages to Having a Workers’ Comp Lawyer for a Loss of Limb Claim

In addition to the workers’ compensation claim, your lawyer may also pursue a claim against negligent third parties who were careless or made an error that caused the injury.

If the incident was the fault of someone other than your employer, you can pursue a liability claim to recoup not only what workers’ compensation paid you, but also compensation for pain and suffering not rewarded through the workers’ compensation claim. Pursuing a third-party claim is complex and should be handled by an experienced attorney.