Car Accident Lawyer for Insurance Claims

August 17, 2021

Attorney Doug Maynard sits at his dining room table preparing to argue before the NC Supreme Court on an auto insurance matter.

Attorney Doug Maynard has now argued insurance issues before the NC Supreme Court three times in the last six years. Recent cases include:

  • A major win in 2019 and a landmark case that Doug lost at the trial court, lost at the court of appeals, but then won 7-0 at the NC Supreme Court. When we say, we will FIGHT for you — we mean it.
  • A 2021 argument from the comfort of his dining room table, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. Doug may have argued more cases than any plaintiff's attorney on insurance matters — and perhaps any matter — in NC during this time frame. He won at the Court of Appeals, so argued second in the video below (starting at the 28:30 mark).


Screenshot of Doug Maynard arguing before the NC Supreme Court on an auto insurance matter.


Your Go-to Car Accident Lawyer for Auto Insurance

Attorney Doug Maynard is a former insurance adjuster and understands what it takes to work with insurance companies on behalf of injured people. If you've been in a car accident, let us help you recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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