Drunk Driver Wrecks Are Not "Accidents"

Winston-Salem Liquor Liability & Dram Shop Liability Attorneys

Drunk driving wrecks are not “accidents” but caused by persons who willingly consume excess quantities of alcohol and then intentionally decide to drive, risking injury to everyone upon the road. All too often they even drive on the wrong way on highways. These reckless drivers often cause major injuries and deaths, but there may not be enough insurance coverage on the vehicles to pay for the all of the damages they cause. North Carolina law makes it possible to sue not only the drunk driver, but a business or private individual that provided the alcohol.

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Was the Driver Over-Served?

Under North Carolina's dram shop liability statute, a bar, liquor store, convenience store, restaurant or other establishment can be sued for damages for:

  • Serving or selling alcohol to a person who is obviously intoxicated and then injures or kills someone in a crash.

  • Selling alcohol to a minor (underage drinker) who injures others in a drunk driving accident.

The dram shop statute is not the only means to recover in “liquor liability” cases. What is frequently referred to as “social host liability” which holds private persons responsible in some instances  A person who hosts a party may be responsible for serving more alcohol to an already drunk person or furnishing alcohol to anyone under 21.

North Carolina law also provides a common law cause of action against bars, restaurants, or any person who over-serves a drunk driver who causes death or injury to others depending on the facts. Early involvement of an attorney is critical to secure evidence to support a claim.