Winston-Salem Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is often mandated in North Carolina for Superior Court and workers' compensation matters. This is often not a bad thing — in fact, it can be an efficient and effective way to resolve disputes.

At the Law Offices of C. Douglas Maynard, Jr., PLLC, our attorneys can handle workers' compensation and Superior Court mediation.

About Mediation

In mediation, an impartial third party, known as a mediator, helps both sides of a dispute come to a resolution. The mediator is not a judge and does not make final rulings — instead, the parties involved have control over the outcome. Each side can be represented by its own lawyer or lawyers. The Law Offices of C. Douglas Maynard, Jr., PLLC can serve as your lawyer in a matter being mediated. We do not serve as a neutral mediator.

Workers' Comp Mediation

In most cases involving workers' compensation, mediation is required. If you have a case pending before the Industrial Commission, you can select from a list of board-certified mediators. If you do not select one, the court will appoint one.

Both parties can also voluntarily undergo mediation if they are having trouble reaching a settlement. This is often a good option for those who do not want to undergo the expense and hassle of a hearing. You can make an arrangement for medical treatment, lost wages, and other workers' compensation benefits without involving the courts. For workers' compensation cases, you may do this through the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Superior Court Mediation

Mediation can also resolve disputes in Superior Court, which handles all civil disputes involving more than $25,000, among other matters. Douglas Maynard has represented hundreds of injured persons in mediation throughout his legal career.